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Maxwell / Policy Studies
  • Policy Studies Alumni Testimonials

    Policy Studies alumni stay in touch and committed to their alma mater. Their experiences in the program shaped their undergraduate experience and life after graduation. Many are moved to share their perspectives with future Policy Studies alumni. 

  • katherine frega

    Pursuing the Policy Studies Program at Syracuse University as a pre-med was critical for me to be able to understand legislation and policy making as a future medical provider. I’ve been asked to serve as a member of the board for the Alliance for Fertility Preservation, as I will begin my time as a physician in a few short months. I am grateful for what the policy studies program did to prepare me to survive medical school and beyond. 

    ~ Katherine Frega '16 BA (PSt)

    Medical Student and Research Assistant, Upstate Medical University

    lauren rowell large

    I am so grateful for the policy studies program, it really shaped my college experience. Between the skills I acquired and the opportunities it provided, it definitely helped get me to where I am. 

    ~ Lauren Rowell '17 PSt

    Geospatial Intelligence Intern

    National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START)

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    john mandyck large

    To this day, I am a most critical reader of graphs and tables, looking always for the appropriate labels and data identification drilled into me as a freshman in PAF 101.

    ~ John Mandyck '89 PSt '92 MPA

    CEO, Urban Green Council

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