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John Mandyck

'89 PSt '92 MPA

CEO, Urban Green Council

Hardly a day goes by where I don't rely on skills or instincts developed by the Policy Studies major. I was immediately drawn to the program because of its practical approach to actually doing something. Of course the eccentricities of Bill Coplin added an intriguing bonus. I'll never forget that my freshman year textbook was The New York Times. It was the perfect, real-world compliment to the policy analysis skills learned in class, like identifying problems, policy alternatives, players and preferred approaches (the policy cycle that you'll learn). To this day, I am a most critical reader of graphs and tables, looking always for the appropriate labels and data identification drilled into me as a freshman in PAF 101. 

Today, I manage domestic and international public policies and the resulting effects on a large global corporation. While public policy issues vary in substance and color across the globe, the method to understanding these issues, and what to do about them, are best managed through a consistent analytical approach. That's what Policy Studies is all about. That's why the major has served me so well in my professional development.

The major by itself will not automatically create a career. Personal motivation must play its role. Students must create the future instead of just waiting for it to happen. Policy Studies is the tool box to creating a future. It offers practical skills that can be applied to any endeavor.