Community Link Program

Let Syracuse University students do the important research and analyze your organization needs.

From the Campus to the Community

Do you have the staff to:

  • Digitize current records and place in spreadsheet
  • Conduct surveys
  • Design email and web-based surveys
  • Compile data from websites and other published sources
  • Provide reports for funders and Boards of Directors

Trained Syracuse University students can do these things for you - free! All you pay for are telephone, copying, and mailing costs.

Instead of leaving crucial tasks undone, you can call on students to perform up to 80 hours of work, not for pay, but for academic credit in a specially designed University course. They'll receivesupport from Syracuse University's Policy Studies Program - technical help, faculty advice, even computer time.

What do our students get out of it?

College credit required in their majors. Practical experience. Refinement of their skills. Perhaps your personal recommendation.

What do you get out of it?

Important information you couldn't get without sacrificing valuable staff time or hiring outside consultants.

Does it work?

Ask some of the 200 different public and nonprofit agencies for whom we've completed over 1600 projects since the program's inception in 1978.

Past Projects

  • American Cancer Society- Patient Satisfaction Survey
  • Boys and Girls Club- Digitize Donations Reports
  • Onondaga County Department of Mental Health- Community Planning Survey
  • Onondaga County Division of Management and Budget- Planning and Cost Control Analysis
  • Syracuse Housing Authority- Maintenance Response Survey

Some Client Comments

Syracuse Fire Department- "The student did an excellent job developing a worksheet that categorized data that had been collected over 70 years. My office did not have the manpower to digitize this information. The student's spreadsheet allows us to rapidly search our database, expediting projects and reducing cost to developers looking to developed properties."

Enable- "I appreciated the resources available to the PAF student, especially the ability to refine the survey questions. The results are very much what we were looking for to develop our program further."

United Way of Central New York- "The Community Link Project is a wonderful resource for community organizations."

How to Participate

Use the form below to submit your project. We ask that you complete the form by August 15 for the fall semester and December 20 for the spring semester.

We usually receive more requests than we can accommodate, but we will try to match your project with a student possessing suitable skills. The more specific and clear the information you provide, the more likely we will be able to assign a student.

If your project is accepted, you will be invited to a reception to meet the students early in the semester. The students will be assigned to a project prior to the reception and will meet with you by the next week so you can negotiate a contract. Given the tight timetable, an agency representative must attend the reception. Projects are completed each semester.

Fall projects will begin in September and finish in November; Spring projects begin in January and finish in April.

Submit your Community Link project