Samantha Netzband

Political Science / JDMA Student

Samantha Netzband

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My research interests include issues surrounding reproductive justice, women's rights, and human rights.


Samantha Netzband was born and raised in Verona, NY.  She attended Syracuse University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in policy studies.  She is currently working towards her J.D., M.A. Political Science, and C.A.S. in Security Studies.  After law/grad school she is hoping to practice law for a few years and then return to school for her LL.M or Ph.D.  Eventually she aspires to be a politician and law professor. 

Teaching Information

Samantha has been a teaching assistant for Professor Keck in Constitutional Law II and is currently a teaching assistant in the history department for Professor Faulkner's History of American Sexuality.  She is also serving as a grader for Professor Thomas' Freedom, Identity and Social Worth