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Maria Laura Veramendi Garcia

Political Science / Ph.D. Student

Maria Laura Veramendi Garcia

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Maria Laura was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She earned her bachelor degree in Sociology and in 2009 she started her career in social research. She has worked both in the private and public sector, on topics such as education, social development and public policies. Her experience with the Ministry of Education of Peru provided a practical knowledge of the diverse challenges faced by the public administration in Peru, including those related to the civil service, the organizational culture of public institutions, corruption, rule of law, and others related to the overall democratic system. In 2014, driven by her interest in these issues, she came to Maxwell where she spent a year as an MPA student. This time helped her to develop new interests. Maria Laura is interested in understanding the effects of the political context in the design and implementation of public policies in Latin American countries.