American Politics

PSC 302 Environmental Politics and Policy
PSC 303 Rise of the National Government
PSC 304 The Judicial Process
PSC 305 The Legislative Process and the U.S. Congress
PSC/AAS 306* African American Politics
PSC 307 The Politics of Citizenship
PSC 308 The Politics of U.S. Public Policy
PSC 309 Interest Group Politics
PSC 311 American Political Parties
PSC 313 Campaign Analysis
PSC 314 Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior
PSC 315 Politics and Media
PSC 316 Supreme Court in U.S. Politics
PSC 317 Local Internship
PSC/WGS 319 Gender and Politics
PSC 321 Populism and Conspiracy Culture
PSC 323 Politics of the Executive Branch
PSC 324 Constitutional Law I
PSC 325 Constitutional Law II
PSC 326/HST 383 Foundations of American Political Thought
PSC 327/HST 342 Modern American Political Thought
PSC 328/WGS 318 American Social Movements
PSC 329/HST 341 The Modern American Presidency
PSC 357* American Foreign Policy
PSC 372 Marxist Theory
PSC/PHI/JSP 379* American Slavery & the Holocaust
PSC 398 How the United States Became a Great Power