Comparative Politics

PSC 320 Comparative Law & Courts
PSC 330* Political Economy of Gender in Industrialized Countries
PSC 331* Government and Politics of Canada
PSC/LAS 333* Politics of Latin America
PSC 334/LAS 335* Mexico and the United States
PSC 335* Politics of East Asia
PSC 338* Comparative Political Parties
PSC 339* Contemporary Political Transitions
PSC/AAS 341* Politics of Africa
PSC/MES/REL/JSP 342* Religion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 
PSC 343* Politics of Western Europe
PSC/MES 344* Politics of the Middle East
PSC/MES 345* Islam and Politics in Asia
PSC/AAS 346* Comparative Third World Politics
PSC 347* Politics of Russia
PSC 348* Politics and the Military
PSC/MES 349* Politics of Iran
PSC 351* Political Economy of Development
PSC/SOC 362/REL 355* Religion, Identity and Power
PSC/AAS 364* African International Relations
PSC/AAS 365* International Political Economy of the Third World
PSC/MES 366* Representations of the Middle East
PSC/MES/HST 368* Islam and the West
PSC 387* Ethnic Conflict
PSC 388* Politics of Globalization
PSC/SAS 389* Politics of India
PSC/MES 391* Revolutions in the Middle East
PSC/MES 392/REL 362* Islamism and Islamist Movements Today
PSC/MES 393* Middle Eastern Political Systems
PSC/MES 394* History of Islamic Political Thought
PSC/MES 395* Democratization in the Muslim World
PSC/GEO 396* European Integration
PSC 401* Government & Politics in Great Britain (London)
PSC 402* Government and Politics in Italy (Florence)
PSC 403* Government and Politics in France (Strasbourg)
PSC 404* Government and Politics in Spain (Madrid)
PSC 405* Politics of the European Union
PSC/SOC/SOS 407* Political Integration and Disintegration in Western Europe
PSC 409* The European Union
PSC 414* European Identity Seminar
PSC/HST 420/620/IRP 320* The East Asian Century? Opportunities and Challenges for the Region and the US
PSC 421/HST 411* Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe
PSC 422/HST 412* Understanding 20th Century Spain 
PSC/HST/IRP/LAS 424* Dictatorships, Human Rights, and Historical Memory 
PSC 425* Hong Kong in the World Political Economy
PSC 427* Policy Seminar / Contemporary Europe 
PSC 428/IRP/LAS/SPA 334/HST 406* Contemporary Issues in Chile and Latin America (Santiago) 
PSC 429* European Human Rights (Strasbourg)
PSC 431/IRP 515* China in Transition (Beijing)
PSC 432/SOC 312* The Pale and Beyond (Dublin & Belfast)
PSC 442* Democratization in East Asia (Hong Kong)
PSC/IRP/GEO/INB 443* South East Asia in World Political Economy (Hong Kong)
PSC/HST/IRP/INB 444* Culture, Business and Political Economics in East Asia (Hong Kong)
PSC/HST 445* Contemporary British Politics and the Modern World (London)
PSC/HST 452* Italy: Past, Present and Future Challenges (Florence)
PSC/HST 453* Twentieth-Century Europe (Florence)
PSC 456/REL 356* Religion and Conflicts in Contemporary Europe (Strasbourg)
PSC/IRP/SOC 458* Contemporary Issues in Turkey (Istanbul)
PSC 473* London Seminar
PSC 478* Politics of China