Global Governance & Foreign Policy

PSC 322* International Security
PSC 334/LAS335* Mexico and the U.S.
PSC 350* Problems in International Relations
PSC 352* International Law
PSC 353* International Organization
PSC 354* Human Rights & Global Affairs
PSC 355* International Political Economy
PSC 357* U.S. Foreign Policy
PSC/LAS 358* Latin American International Relations
PSC 359* Foreign Policymaking
PSC/GEO 360 Sustainability Science and Policy
PSC/PHI 363* Ethics and International Relations
PSC 388* Politics of Globalization
PSC/GEO 396* European Integration
PSC 397* Realism & Power Politics in International Relations
PSC 398* How the United States became a Great Power
PSC 405* Politics of the European Union (SU Abroad)
PSC/SOC/SOS 407* Political Integration and Disintegration in Western Europe
PSC/IRP 412* Global Governance: The United Nations System
PSC/PHI/WGS 413 Identity and Difference
PSC 414* European Identity Seminar (Strasbourg)
PSC 429* European Human Rights (Strasbourg)
PSC/HST 441* Europe & International Security Issues (Strasbourg)
PSC/IRP/SOC 458* Contemporary Issues in Turkey (Istanbul)
PSC 462/ECN 362 Globalization, Development & Environment (London)