Political Economy

PSC 330* Political Economy of Gender in Industrialized Countries
PSC/LAS 333* Politics of Latin America
PSC 334/LAS 335* Mexico and the United States
PSC 335* Politics of East Asia
PSC 351* Political Economy of Development
PSC 355* International Political Economy
PSC/AAS 365* International Political Economy of the Third World
PSC/MES 367* Oil, Water & War
PSC 369* Global Migration
PSC 388* Politics of Globalization
PSC/GEO 396* European Integration
PSC/HST 420/620/IRP 320* The East Asian Century? Opportunities and Challenges for the Region and the US
PSC 425* Hong Kong in the World Political Economy
PSC/IRP/GEO/INB 443* South East Asia in World Political Economy (Hong Kong)
PSC/HST/IRP/INB 444* Culture, Business and Political Economics in East Asia (Hong Kong)
PSC 469* Global Migration