Political Theory

PSC 307 The Politics of Citizenship
PSC 326/HST 383 Foundations of American Political Thought
PSC 327/HST 342 Modern American Political Thought
PSC 340 Understanding Political Arguments
PSC/PHI 363* Ethics and International Relations
PSC/MES 366* Representations of the Middle East
PSC 371 Democratic Theory
PSC 372 Marxist Theory
PSC 373/PHI 317 Political Philosophy: The Social Contract and its Critics
PSC 378 Power and Identity
PSC 382/PHI 417 Contemporary Political Philosophy
PSC 385 Rationality and Politics
PSC/MES 394* History of Islamic Political Thought
PSC 399/PHI 319/REL 371 God in Political Theory
PSC/PHI 406 Citizenship from Modernity to Globalization (Florence)