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Maxwell School
Maxwell / Department of Political Science

Undergraduate Study


Political Science Undergraduate Courses

*Course descriptions and additional information can be found here.

PSC 121 American National Government and Politics (required for PSC major)

PSC 122 American State & Local Government and Politics

PSC 123* Comparative Government and Politics

PSC 124* International Relations

PSC 125 Political Theory

PSC 129 American National Government and Politics (Honors)

PSC 139* International Relations (Honors)

PSC 141 Liberty and Power from the Ancient World to Modernity

PSC 200 Selected Topics

PSC 202 Introduction to Political Analysis (required for PSC major)

PSC 231 Canadian Politics

PSC 270 Experience Credit

PSC 290 Independent Study

PSC 300 Selected Topics

PSC 302 Environmental Politics and Policy

PSC 303 The Development of the American State

PSC 304 The Judicial Process

PSC 305 U.S. Congressional Politics

PSC/AAS 306* African American Politics

PSC 307 The Politics of Citizenship

PSC 308 The Politics of U.S. Public Policy

PSC 309 Interest Group Politics

PSC 311 American Political Parties

PSC 312 Urban Government and Politics

PSC 313 Campaign Analysis

PSC 314 Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior

PSC 315 Politics and Media

PSC 316 Supreme Court in American Politics

PSC 317 Local Internship

PSC 318 Technology, Politics, and Environment

PSC/WGS 319 Gender and Politics

PSC 320 Comparative Law and Courts

PSC 321 Populism and Conspiracy Culture

PSC 322* International Security

PSC 323 Politics of the Executive Branch

PSC 324 Constitutional Law I

PSC 325 Constitutional Law II

PSC 326/HST 383 Foundations of American Political Thought

PSC 327/HST 342 Modern American Political Thought

PSC 328/WGS 318 American Social Movements

PSC 329/HST 341 The Modern American Presidency

PSC 330* Political Economy of Gender in Industrialized Countries

PSC/LAS 333* Politics of Latin America

PSC 334* Mexico and the United States

PSC 335* Politics of East Asia

PSC 337* Political Psychology

PSC 338* Comparative Political Parties

PSC 339* Transitions to Democracy

PSC 340 Understanding Political Arguments

PSC/AAS 341* Politics of Africa

PSC/MES/REL/JSP 342* Religion in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

PSC 343* Politics of Europe

PSC/MES 344* Politics of the Middle East

PSC/MES 345* Islam and Politics in Asia

PSC/AAS 346* Comparative Third World Politics

PSC 347* Politics of Russia

PSC 348* Politics and the Military

PSC/MES 349* Politics of Iran

PSC 350* Problems in International Relations

PSC 351* Political Economy of Development

PSC 352* International Law

PSC 353* International Organizations

PSC 354* Human Rights and Global Affairs

PSC 355* International Political Economy

PSC/WGS 356* Political Conflict

PSC 357* U.S. Foreign Policy

PSC/LAS 358* Latin American International Relations

PSC 359* Foreign Policymaking

PSC 360 Sustainability Science and Policy

PSC 361* Politics in the Cyber-Age

PSC 362* Religion, Identity and Power

PSC/PHI 363* Ethics and International Relations

PSC/AAS 364* African International Relations

PSC/AAS 365* International Political Economy of the Third World

PSC/MES 366* Representations of the Middle East

PSC/MES 367* Oil, Water, and War

PSC/MES/HST 368* Islam and the West

PSC 371 Democratic Theory and Politics

PSC 372 Marxist Theory

PSC 373/PHI 317 Political Philosophy: The Social Contract and Its Critics

PSC 374 Law and Society

PSC 375/PHI 397 Philosophy of Law

PSC 377 Religion and Politics

PSC 378 Power and Identity

PSC/PHI/JSP 379* American Slavery & the Holocaust

PSC 382/PHI 417 Contemporary Political Philosophy

PSC/QSX 384 Sexuality and the Law

PSC 387 Ethnic Conflict

PSC 388* Politics of Globalization

PSC 389* Politics of India

PSC 391* Revolutions in the Middle East

PSC 392* Islamism and Islamist Movements Today

PSC 393*  Middle Eastern Political Systems

PSC 394* History of Islamic Political Thought

PSC 395* Democratization in the Muslim World

PSC 396* European Integration

PSC 397* Realism and Power Politics in International Relations

PSC 399/PHI319/REL371 God in Political Theory

PSC 400 Selected Topics

PSC 401* Government and Politics in Great Britain

PSC 402* Government and Politics in Italy

PSC 403* Government and Politics in France

PSC 404* Government and Politics in Spain

PSC 405* Politics of the European Union

PSC/PHI 406* Citizenship from Modernity to Globalization

PSC/SOC/SOS 407* Political Integration and Disintegration in Western Europe

PSC/SOS 408* Comparative Social Movements

PSC 409* The European Union

PSC 411 Senior Seminar

PSC/IRP 412* Global Governance: The United Nations System

PSC/PHI/WGS 413 Identity and Difference

PSC 414* European Identity Seminar

PSC/PAF 418* Comparative Public Policy in Practice

PSC 421* Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe

PSC 422* Understanding 20th Century Spain

PSC/HST/IRP/LAS* 424* Dictatorships, Human Rights, and Historical Memory

PSC 425* Hong Kong in the World Political Economy

PSC 427* Policy Seminar / Contemporary Europe

PSC 428/IRP/LAS 334* Issues in Contemporary Latin America

PSC 429* European Human Rights

PSC 432* The Pale and Beyond

PSC 441* Europe and International Security Issues

PSC 442* Democratization in East Asia

PSC 444* Culture, Business and Political Economics in East Asia

PSC 445* Contemporary British Politics and the Modern World

PSC 450* Undergraduate Research Program

PSC 452* Italy: Past, Present and Future Challenges

PSC/HST 453* Twentieth-Century Europe

PSC 456* Religion and Conflicts in Contemporary Europe

PSC 458* Contemporary Issues in Turkey

PSC 462* Globalization Development and Environment

PSC 470 Experience Credit

PSC 471 Internships: International, National, State

PSC 490 Independent Study

PSC 495 Distinction Thesis in Political Science I

PSC 496 Distinction Thesis in Political Science II

PSC 499 Honors Capstone Project

*Foreign or International Content