Maymester (May 14 – 25)

Politics of the Middle East
PSC 344.m001   72127 
MES 344.m001   72128
Offered: MTWThF, 8:30am - 12:30pm
Instructor: Aykut Ozturk

Course Description: Religious, political, economic, and social dimensions of life in modern Middle East. Legacy of Islam, encounter with Western modernity, Arab-Israeli conflict, and political economy of the region.

Political Economy of Gender in Industrialized Countries

PSC 330.m500   72126 - ***CANCELED***  


Session I (May 21 – June 29)

Introduction to Political Analysis
PSC 202.m001   72125
Offered: MTWTh, 10:00am - 11:45am
Instructor:  Li Shao

Course Description: Introduction to important political science concepts; basics of political argumentation and reasoning; and basic quantitative research and analysis techniques.

Radicalism & Populism from Marx to Trump
PSC 300.m401   72124
Offered: TTh, 12:00pm - 3:20pm
Instructor: Brian Wolfel
Course Description:
We will examine the political theory behind and developmental trajectory of ideologies and movements hostile to the established political order of democratic capitalism. We will focus on the modern era that dates from the advent of the industrial age to the present and will focus specifically on how radicalism and populism have manifested in a range of political settings from Europe to Asia and the United States. We will critically examine communism and fascism from their very beginnings in political thought in the 19th century thru their implementation and subsequent collapse in the 20th century. In doing this we will read various political theorists, among them Marx, Nietzsche, and Thoreau. The central question we will seek to answer is whether the claims of radicalism (in its various manifestations) are vindicated or discredited.

Session II (July 2 – August 10)

American National Government & Politics
PSC 121.m001   70006
Offered: MTWTh,  12:00pm - 1:45pm
Instructor: Joel Kersting

Course Description: American political institutions. Basic principles embedded in structure and practices of American government. Practical consequences of this political system for the citizen. Credit is given for PSC 121 or PSC 129, but not both.

International Relations
PSC 124.m001   70042
Offered: MTWTh, 10:00am - 11:45am
Instructor: Raza Raja

Course Description: Foreign policy, decision making, comparative foreign policy, international transactions, and the international system. Credit is given for PSC 124 or PSC 139, but not both.

International Political Economy
       ** ONLINE COURSE **
PSC 355.u800   72233
Instructor: Daniel McDowell  

Course Description: Institutions and politics of international economic relations. Trade, investment, macro-economic policy coordination, economic development, global resource issues, and the causes and consequences of global economic integration.