Abolghasem Bayyenat

Political Science / Ph.D. Candidate


Comparative Politics, International Relations


Abolghasem's interests include state identity discourses and foreign policy; international relations of the Middle East; Foreign Policy of Iran; political economy of the international trade system and development; and politics of national and subnational identities.   


Prior to entering the Ph.D program in political science at Syracuse University, Abolghasem worked for several years as an international trade expert for Iran's Ministry of Commerce, where he was involved in international trade negotiations between Iran and its trade partners and researched domestic and international trade regimes, as part of Iran's bid to accede to the WTO.

Before taking up doctoral studies, he also completed two MA programs in international relations (University of Tehran) and international peace studies (University of Notre Dame) and participated in several training programs on international trade system in Tehran and Geneva, Switzerland.


Abolghasem has so far published some scholarly journal articles and a number of book chapters in English and Persian. His scholarly journal article which appeared in Public Procurement Law Review, affiliated with the University of Nottingham, in 2008 examines Iran's public procurement regime and the WTO's relevant regulations in comparative perspective.

He has also been closely monitoring Iran's current foreign policy developments for many years. He has so far published dozens of commentaries on Iran's foreign policy developments in various online foreign policy journals and newspapers and has been interviewed by a number of major international new agencies and journals. His recent English language political commentaries can be accessed on his own website at www.irandiplomacywatch.com.

Research Projects

Along with his PhD dissertation research, he has also been conducting research on a project entitled “Geography, great power rivalry and survival of small powers in the colonial era”. As part of this project, Abolghasem has been studying the international and domestic political processes that led to the precarious survival of Iran (from 1800 to 1914) and a number of other small powers.

PhD Dissertation

Abolghasem's dissertation explores the interplay of state identity discourses and political institutions in explaining continuity and change in Iran's foreign policy on its nuclear issue. He applies a Self-Other discursive and institutional analytical approach to studying Iran's foreign policy over the past thirteen years. He conducted two years of field work for his dissertation in Iran.

Teaching Information

Abolghasem has over six years of work experience mostly as independent instructor and discussion section instructor at Maxwell School. Below is a listing of those courses.

Independent instructor: 

-Introduction to International Relations (one semester)

Discussion section instructor:

-Introduction to International Relations (seven semesters) 

-Introduction to Political Analysis-research methods- (one semester)

Teaching assistant:

-International Political Economy (one semester)

-Foreign Policymaking (one semester)

-Middle Eastern Political Systems (one semester)

-Comparative Revolutions (one semester)