A. Chanan Brown

Political Science / JDMA Student

A Chanan Brown

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Born and raised in Ohio, Chanan graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in comparative studies from The Ohio State University in Columbus. During Chanan’s time as a law student, ze has worked as an intern with the Hiscock Legal Aid Society, focusing on eviction defense for low-income tenants in Syracuse. Ze has also clerked with the Office of the Hennepin County Public Defender, working on a range of criminal and constitutional issues for low-income defendants in Minneapolis and across Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District.

As a joint degree student, Chanan has a developing research agenda inclusive of international relations, public international law, peace and conflict studies, criminology and criminal law, transitional justice, and law and society. Chanan’s immediate research aims to explore the legal and social challenges associated with communal reconciliation in the aftermath of mass violence. Chanan hopes to expand zir research in the long-term to address problems that arise in the prevention of mass violence.