Dongshu Liu

Political Science / Ph.D. Student

Dongshu Liu

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Comparative Politics, Public Administration and Policy


Authoritarianism, democratic development, China politics, political participation


Originally from China, Dongshu Liu got his Bachelor Degree in Business from Hong Kong in 2012. He then decided to pursue an academic career in political science and thus received an MSc degree in Comparative Politics from London School of Economics in 2013. After that, he also worked as a research assistant for politics in the University of Hong Kong. His primary interests include democratization, democratic theories, the authoritarian regime, and the local political reform of China. In Syracuse, he will study towards a Ph.D. in political science with major in comparative politics and a second major in public administration. His main focus will be on the authoritarian regime and its adaptive political reform and changes in China. He is also interested in how the Internet affects the civil society activities and state-society relations in the context of authoritarianism.


Shao, Li, and Dongshu Liu. "The Road to Cynicism: The Political Consequences of Online Satire Exposure in China." Political Studies (2018): 0032321718791373.