Elise Roberts

Political Science / Ph.D. Candidate

Elise Roberts

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Comparative Politics, International Relations


Civil war, post-conflict reconstruction, foreign aid, governanceĀ 


Elise is from Buffalo, NY, where she attended university, pursuing a triple major in Political Science, International Studies, and Italian at the State University of New York at Buffalo. As an undergraduate, Elise studied international institutions and post-conflict reconstruction, spending one summer studying in Kigali, Rwanda. Elise has continued this interest as a doctoral candidate, focusing her dissertation research on the effect of foreign aid in post-conflict states and the processes of conflict relapse. At the Maxwell School, Elise has worked as a research assistant for the Institute for National Security and Counter Terrorism as well as the Moynihan Centerā€™s Global Black Spots project.

Teaching Information

Teaching Assistant, PSC 308: Politics of US Public Policy