Li Shao

Political Science / Ph.D. Candidate


Comparative Politics



Li Shao is a Ph.D. candidate in Department of Political Science, Maxwell School, Syracuse University. His research focus is on comparative politics, especially political communication and political behavior in authoritarian regimes. His regional focus is China.   



Shao, L., & Liu, D. (2018). The Road to Cynicism: The Political Consequences of Online Satire Exposure in China. Political Studies, 1–20. 

Huang, H., Wang, F., & Shao, L. (2018). How Propaganda Moderates the Influence of Opinion Leaders on Social Media in China. International Journal of Communication, 12(0), 23.

Shao, L. (2018). The Dilemma of Criticism: Disentangling The Determinants of Media Censorship in China. Journal of East Asian Studies, 1–19.

Shao, L. (2017). China’s crony capitalism: the dynamics of regime decay. Journal of Chinese Governance, 2(3), 343–345.  (Book Review)