Maria Laura Veramendi Garcia

Political Science / Ph.D. Student

Maria Laura Veramendi Garcia

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Comparative Politics, Public Administration and Policy


Welfare Policies, Comparative Public Policy, Latin America



María Laura Veramendi García is a Peruvian sociologist (PUCP, 2010) and a third year PhD student at Syracuse University, studying comparative politics and public policy. She also holds a Master of Public Administration from the same university (De Sardon-Glass Fellow, 2014-2015).


María Laura’s research experience has focused on different topics, including the evaluation of education policies in urban and rural areas of Peru, the relation between education and citizenship, among others. She has also held executive positions in organizations working towards the promotion of evidence-based policy-making and gender equity in academia.


These experiences, next to a brief stage within the Peruvian bureaucracy, triggered María Laura’s interest in studying the political obstacles that public policies face on the road to a successful implementation. Driven by such concern, her dissertation will focus on the politics of welfare policies in Latin America from a comparative perspective. In this project, she will pay particular attention to the effects of past policies and political events in later policy-making processes.