Kimberly Waddy

Political Science / Ph.D. Student

Kimberly Waddy

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Kimberly Waddy is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She holds a BA in International Studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a MA in Legal Institutions and Theory from the George Washington University.

Ms. Waddy examines the dynamic created by the interplay between democracy and legal institutions in nation-state governance. Her work focuses on the political environment surrounding U.S. Constitutional amendment attempts and the bargaining used to influence Congressional legislation. Do certain Supreme Court decisions, those that involve tension between two constitutionally guaranteed rights or entrenched American values (i.e. the right to life vs. the right to privacy), result in sufficient civilian political participation to impact legislation and upcoming elections?

With regard to regimes in both westernized and modernized states, how does the Constitution structure governance? How does the interplay between governance and legal institutions differ in democracies without a written Constitution? Does this interplay exist in authoritarian regimes? With respect to legal institutions, given a world-systems framework, Ms. Waddy studies the link between inequality under the law and political participation.