Undergraduate Awards

Spring 2020

James F. Reynolds Award 

Crystal Rabizadeh
Crystal Rabizadeh

Distinction in Political Science

Brian Aitken
Brian Aitken

Distinction Project: “The Effects of Protest Images in News Tweets about Abortion”

Rachel Lois Ameen
Rachel Lois Ameen

Distinction Project: “Responsibility Framing: Environmental Behavior and Beliefs”

Garrett B. Bellows
Garrett B. Bellows

Distinction Project: “Is Sunlight Really the Best Disinfectant?: The effect of Media Pressure on Voluntary Political Contribution Disclosure”

Margaret K. Fitzgerald
Margaret K. Fitzgerald

Distinction Project: “Framing Opposition to Renewable Energy in U.S. State”

Sabrina Loren Maggiore
Sabrina Loren Maggiore

Distinction Project: “Crisis Conscience: How Climate Change’s Impact on Cities Affected Mobilization for the 2019 Climate Strikes”

Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society 

Garrett Bruce Bellows
Caitlin M Brincklow

Katherine Condon
Ivy Greenberg

Abdulmohsen Khaja
Catherine Christine Leffert

Anthony Charles Licata
Sarah K McLafferty

Sarah N Michal
Brenna M Nadrowski

Catiana Louise Porter
Tobit Powell

Samuel Schimel
Shanthi Sepe-Chepuru

Ryan J Thompson
Shalom Yun

Overall GPA 3.9 or Above 

Laura C Angle
Ashley E Denney

Marshall Reed Lipsey
Sabrina Loren Maggiore

Crystal Hanna Rabizadeh
Joshua Nathan Schiowitz

Jeremy Matthew Shapiro
Ryan Joseph Thompson
Emerson Womble

Hanna Yacubov