Ph.D.'s On The Market

Abolghasem Bayyenat

Abolghasem Bayyenat (Ph.D. Candidate)

Sub-fields:  Comparative Politics, International Relations

Interests:  Abolghasem's interests include state identity discourses and foreign policy; international relations of the Middle East; Foreign Policy of Iran; political economy of the international trade system and development; and politics of national and subnational identities.   

Havva Karakas Keles

Havva Karakas Keles (Ph.D. Candidate)

Sub-fields:  Comparative Politics, International Relations

Interests:  Foreign Policy Analysis, European Politics and Government, Middle East Politics, Parliamentary Political Systems, Political Leadership and Decision Making, Politics and Government in Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom and Israel.

Bridget Fahey

Bridget K. Kelley (Ph.D. Candidate)

Sub-fields:  American Politics, Public Administration and Policy

Interests:  Climate change policy and politics, state and local politics, water resources, issue definition, bureaucratic policy advocacy

Sean Miskell

Sean Miskell (Ph.D. Candidate)

Sub-fields:  International Relations, Public Administration and Policy

Interests:  In my academic research, I study the policy process with a focus on the dynamic interplay between policy design and organized political behavior as well as the development governance institutions and their interaction with private markets and interests. My ongoing research projects consider the politics of big data in education policy, the role of the submerged state in health policy, and the politics of 'policy drift' in US health and energy policy.In my role as a Research Fellow with the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute, my work focuses on the intersection of public and private coverage programs with an emphasis on Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program, and the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchange and market reforms.

Samantha Netzband

Samantha Netzband (JDMA Student)

Interests:  My research interests include issues surrounding reproductive justice, women's rights, and human rights.

Honggang Tan

Honggang Tan (Ph.D. Candidate)

Sub-fields:  Comparative Politics, Public Administration and Policy

Interests:  My research interests straddle public policy and administration and comparative politics. My area focus is East Asia and Greater China in particular. I am interested in the formation and political participation of civil society and its implications for the improvement of democratic governance and civil rights and liberties.

Eric van der Vort

Eric van der Vort (Ph.D. Candidate)

Sub-fields:  American Politics, Law and Courts

Interests:  American constitutional law and development; LGBT politics; public law; emotion, morality and hierarchy; politics and fiction; normative theory