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Drone research

Autonomous Unmanned Systems Laboratory

The Autonomous Unmanned Systems Lab provides facilities for testing autonomous guidance, navigation and control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in an indoor environment.

This state-of-the-art lab is equipped with a sophisticated optical tracking system and a decentralized wireless ad hoc network for real-time telemetry, making it possible to develop autonomous navigation and control of UAVs using onboard sensors and actuators without external navigation aids.

The lab also has the capacity to test both single vehicles and multi-vehicle formation and synchronization maneuvers.

The Governance of AI Research Group

The Governance of AI Research Group has an explicit policy focus. Unless policies to protect good governance are put in place now, there may be no possibility of doing so in the future as technologies disseminate quickly. The time to think about the governance of AI is now, not later.

Governance of Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Institutional Grammar Research Initiative

Institutional Grammar Research Initiative

The Institutional Grammar Research Initiative (IGRI) convenes scholars from around the world who are interested in the study and practice of institutional analysis.

Core foci of IGRI are theoretical and methodological advancement of the Institutional Grammar, as proposed by Sue Crawford and Elinor Ostrom in 1995

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Autonomous Systems Policy Institute
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