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Education Finance and Accountability Program

Maxwell School student in class
Jerry Miner

Jerry Miner Lecture Series

Sponsored by EFAP, this lecture series is named in honor of Professor Emeritus Jerry Miner, a faculty associate widely known for his research in public and education finance.

It's Elementary: Analysis of Education Policy, a column by John Yinger

Recognition from the Association for Education Finance and Policy

The Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) facilitates communication between and among various organizations and individuals in education finance and policy, including academicians, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, administrators and teachers.

Outstanding Dissertation Awards to EFAP faculty andstudents

Phuong Nguyen-Hoang '12 Ph.D. (PA), "Three Essays on Education Policy and Finance"

Emily Pas Isenberg '08 Ph.D. (Econ), "Essays on Teacher Labor Markets and Educational Disparities"

Robert Bifulco '03 Ph.D. (PA), "Do Whole-School Reform Models Boost Student Performance: Evidence from New York City"

Anna Lukemeyer '01 Ph.D. (PA), "Education Finance Equity: Judicial Treatment of Key Issues and Impact of That Treatment on Reform"

Ross H. Rubenstein, "School-Level Budgeting and Resource Allocation in the Chicago Schools: Processes and Results"

Conference Presentations by EFAP faculty and students


Katherine Michelmore, "Large-Scale Policies to Reduce Income Gaps in College Enrollment: Evidence from the HAIL Scholarship and the Go Blue Guarantee"

Michah W. Rothbart, "Public Pre-Kindergarten Availability and Children’s School Readiness: Which Students Benefit?"


Michah W. Rothbart, "The Impact of Pork-Barrel Capital Funding in Schools"

Michah W. Rothbart, "Achievement Gaps from Day 1? Evidence on School Readiness by Economic Disadvantage and Race"

Selection of Dissertations by EFAP Graduate Students

Alex Bogin

Alex Bogin, Federal Housing Finance Agency

"Three Essays on the Property Value Impact of Neighborhood Disamenities"

Christian Buerger

Christian Buerger, Indiana University

"Unintended Consequences of Charter School Programs"

Emily Gutierrez

Emily Gutierrez, The Urban Institute

"Three Essays on The Economically Disadvantaged"

Phuong Hoang Nguyen

Phuong Hoang Nguyen, University of Iowa

"Three Essays on Education Policy and Finance"

Sun Jung Oh

Sun Jung Oh, Korea Labor Institute

"Three Essays on The Impact Of Student Assignment Policies"

Ryan Yeung

Ryan Yeung, Hunter College

"The Effect of Immigrant Composition on Student Outcomes"

Education Finance and Accountability Program
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