Appleby-Mosher Fund Awardees for Faculty Research

2019 Projects

  • Edwin Ackerman, Sociology
    Gender ideology and religious conservative social movements in Mexico
  • Kristy Buzard, Economics
    Lobbying and legislative uncertainty
  • Peng Gao, Geography
    Morphodynamic characteristics of braided rivers in the source area of the Upper Yangtze River
  • Shana Gadarian, Political Science
    Citizens' understandings and reactions to terrorism, surveys and experiments in the United States, Norway, Finland, and Spain
  • Dimitar Gueorguiev, Political Science
    Hawks and doves in U.S.-China relations
  • Timur Hammond, Geography
    Sound of the commute: Hearing, belonging, and mobility in contemporary Istanbul
  • Samantha Khan Herrick, History
    Networks of shared imagination: Apostolic legends of medieval Europe
  • Azra Hromadžić, Anthropology
    Riverine citizenship and the struggle for water in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • George Kallandar, History
    The royal and elite hunt in Korean history
  • Leyla Karakas, Economics
    Believers vs. deniers: Climate change and environmental policy polarization
  • Natalie Koch, Geography
    Imperial transition in the Arabian Peninsula: Science, state-making, and the history of American empire in the Trucial States
  • Scott Landes, Sociology
    Racial-ethnic differences in educational trajectories for individuals with cognitive impairments: The case of ADHD
  • Yoonseok Lee, Economics
    Modeling average in big data environment
  • Daniel McDowell, Political Science
    Descriptive representation in international organizations: The effect of governance reform on IMF legitimacy
  • Gretchen Purser, Sociology
    The project, politics, and performance of "job-readiness"
  • Dennis Rasmussen, Political Science
    Fears of a setting sun: The disillusionment of America's founders
  • Tod Rutherford, Geography
    Negotiated transitions? Industry 4.0, trade unions, and workplace representational institutions
  • Yuksel Sezgin, Political Science
    Reforming Muslim family laws in non-Muslim regimes: The role of civil courts
  • Ying Shi, Public Administration and International Affairs
    (1) Long-run effects of the Voting Rights Act; (2) Positive stereotyping; (3) Under-represented students in selective schools
  • Junko Takeda, History
    Avedik: Louis XIV's Armenian prisoner
  • Robert Wilson, Geography
    Winter's end: The future of skiing in a warming world
  • Maria Zhu, Economics
    The role teachers play in contributing to "positive" racial stereotyping of Asian-American students
  • Austin Zwick, Policy Studies
    The just, smart city

2018 Projects

  • Kristy Buzard, Economics
    Research and development laboratories in the production process
  • Craige Champion, History
    Citizens and empire in democratic Athens and Republican Rome
  • Shana Gadarian, Political Science
    Citizens' understandings and reactions to terrorism: Surveys and experiments in the United States, Norway, Finland, and Spain
  • Peng Gao, Geography
    Understanding hydrodynamic processes controlling meandering rivers in China’s Zoige basin on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  • Ryan Griffiths, Political Science
    Acting like a state: De facto states and the CONIFA European Cup
  • Azra Hromadžić, Anthropolog
    “We will not give up Una!” Water politics, pedagogies and infrastructures in Postwar Bosnia
  • Hugo Jales, Economics
    On the effects of the minimum wage on employment, formality, and the wage distribution
  • Seth Jolly, Political Science
    2019 round of the survey on party positions in Europe
  • Leyla Karakas, Economics
    The power of identity politics: A behavioral political-economy analysis of policy-making
  • Radha Kumar, History
    Whose river? The Kaveri dispute and political belonging
  • Scott Landes, Sociology
    The obscuring effect of coding developmental disability as the underlying cause of death on mortality trends for adults with developmental disability: A cross-sectional study utilizing U.S. mortality data from 2012 to 2016
  • Yoonseok Lee, Economics
    Nonparametric threshold and spatial sample splitting
  • Daniel McDowell, Political Science
    International currency politics
  • Shannon Novak, Anthropology
    On the stories of men and the substance of women: Courses and cycles through a Guyanese Kali Temple—and beyond
  • Gretchen Purser, Sociology
    The project, politics, and performance of “job-readiness”
  • Yüksel Sezgin, Political Science
    Online Muslim family law portal and index
  • Nazanin Shahrokni, Sociology
    “Pink Rides” go global: A comparative study of four illustrative cases of women-only taxis across the globe
  • Martin Shanguhyia, History
    African traditions in environmental control in western Kenya
  • Theresa Singleton, Anthropology
    David Dixon Porter’s report of El Maniel de Ocoa
  • Steven White, Political Science
    Race, social status, and census enumeration in the Post-Civil War American South
  • Austin Zwick, Policy Studies
    The smart, just city