Undergraduate Studies

Alpha Kappa Delta - International Sociological Honor Society

Applications for AKD membership are accepted by the Sociology Department during the spring semester of each academic year. Detailed instructions on the application procedures are sent to all Sociology majors at least two weeks before the application deadline.

Check out the following:

  • A Brief History of Alpha Kappa Delta  
  • Description and Purpose
  • Applying/Eligibility for AKD Beta Chapter of Syracuse, New York 

    2021 Alpha Kappa Delta Inductees: 

    Jaime Barta

    Amanda Chau

    Caroline Collins

    Lia Figurelli

    Ellenora Huth

    Breanna Murphy

    Mars Ann Murray

    Nicole Perrigo

    Distinction in the Major
    Danielle Llewellyn

    Paper Award Winners

    SOC 495, Senior Thesis -  Ashlyn Wong “Comparing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder Prevalence Rates and Mental Health Outcomes in Children”

    SOC335, Political Sociology - Yifeng Zhang “Century of the Atomized Self”

    SOC406, Sociological Theory - Amani Moses “WEB Du Bois and George Herbert Mead: An Analysis on Code-Switching”