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Alpha Kappa Delta - International Sociological Honor Society

Applications for AKD membership are accepted by the Sociology Department during the spring semester of each academic year. Detailed instructions on the application procedures are sent to all Sociology majors at least two weeks before the application deadline.

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  • A Brief History of Alpha Kappa Delta  
  • Description and Purpose
  • Applying/Eligibility for AKD Beta Chapter of Syracuse, New York 

    2019 Honor Society Awards Ceremony

    2019 Inductees

    Class of 2019 Alpha Kappa Delta Inductees:

    Ashly Castillo

    Paige Bernecker

    Ahlam J. Islam

    Tyra Jean

    Tara Kielty

    Gemma Liverio

    Sidne Norman

    Sharon Quituisaca

    Natalia Rice

    Katie Tsai

    Shatira Woods

    Chenkai Wu

    Paper Award Winners for 2018/19

    100/200 Level Course Paper Award

    Cecilia Alexa Jade

    Alexa-Jada Nelson

    “Higher Education Cannot Close the Racial Wealth Gap”

    Nominated by Prof Cecilia Green (SOC 102)

    300/400 Level Course Paper Award

    Hayley Bermel

    Hayley Bermel

    “Unionization as the Formation of the Social Citizen”

    Nominated by Prof Gretchen Purser (SOC 300)

    Senior Thesis Award

    Alyssa Smith with Scott Landes

    Alyssa Smith

    “Sex Differences in Treatment Seeking Behaviors for Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, and Bulimia Nervosa” 

    Nominated by Prof Scott Landes (SOC 495)