Education and Family

Faculty in this focal group have interest in the sociological studies of education and family, and the relationship between family and schools, in shaping educational processes and outcomes. They employ both quantitative and qualitative methods, and study domestic and international issues. We have two subspecialties: education and inequality; family.

Education and inequality (Ma, Lutz and Montez)

Faculty work in this area focuses on educational access, choice, and attainment, as well as health and labor market outcomes. Specific projects include the educational and early labor market outcomes among children of immigrants in France and the United States; horizontal stratification of higher education (college majors, institutional selectivity) and its health and labor market consequences; international students in American universities as well as health disparities across education levels.

Family (Lutz, Silverstein, Harrington Meyer, London, Wilmoth)

Faculty work in this area focuses on care work, parenting, and grandparenting. Specific projects include intergenerational relations and support, aging in the context of family life, with an emphasis on life course and international perspectives, and the role of social class on educationally relevant parenting practices.