Professor Edwin Ackerman

• "The Rise of Evangelical Political Parties in Latin America" Global Religion Research Initiative; University of Notre Dame, Awarded $12,000. 2018-2019 (Co-PI).  

Professor Cecilia A. Green

• "An In-Depth Analysis of the One Hill District CBA in Pittsburgh: What are the Benefits to the Community?" Appleby-Mosher Fund for Summer 2018 (PI) $1,200. 

• Maxwell Dean's Summer Assistantship 2012 for "The New Chinese Presence in the Caribbean" $1,500 for Graduate Assistant.

• Appleby-Mosher Fund, Syracuse University, 2010 Research Grant Project: "The North Carolina International Worker Justice Campaign: A Unique Chapter in The Struggle for Labor Rights in the US" $1,200.

Professor Madonna Harrington Meyer

• "Grandparenting Children with Disabilities," Center for Policy Research Summer Grant, Syracuse University, $2000.00. 2017.

• “A Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan (MBP): A New Proposal to Reduce Poverty Among the Elderly" AARP Policy Innovation Challenge: Social Security Adequacy and Solvency. $30,000.00 January 2017 - December 2017.  

•  Curriculum Development and speakers, "US Social Policy and Citizenship," $4000.00, Maxwell Citizenship Initiative, Syracuse University. 2016.

• "Grandparenting Children with Disabilities", Syracuse University Appleby-Mosher Grant, $1,200. 2014.

• "Grandparenting Children with Disabilities", Syracuse University Maxwell Office of the Dean, Summer Project Assistance 2013, $1,600.

•  HRS Analysis of Grandparents at Work: Impact on Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health", Syracuse University 2011 CAPS Pilot Grant, National Institutes on Aging, $28,000.

Professor Jennifer Karas Montez

•“Educational Attainment, Geography, and U.S. Adult Mortality Risk” (Role: PI), $1.3 million, 2017-2022.
• National Institutes of Health, R01, submitted June 2016 (scored 24th percentile; being revised), 2016-2017
• “Improved Measures of Population Health: Heterogeneity in Active Life Expectancy” (Role: Co-I), 2017.
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, R03
• 2016 Travel grant awarded by the Young Academy of the Austrian Academy of Sciences to attend the 2016 REVES conference in Austria.

• Pilot Grant from the Network on Life Course Health Dynamics and Disparities in 21st Century America, 2015. "Explaining the Inequalities in Adult Mortality between U.S. States." 

• Pilot Grant from the Network on Life Course Health Dynamics and Disparities in 21st Century America, 2015. "Trends in U.S. Women's Health by Education Level, 1997-2014."

• Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline Award, American Sociological Association and the National Science Foundation, 2014.

Professor Andrew London

• HIV Identifying Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Barriers with Discrete Choice Experiments, 2016. P30 Administrative Supplement.

• Principal Investigator, "Military Service Statue and Financial Capability (with Janet Wilmoth) JP Morgan Chase.

• Center for Aging and Policy Studies Pilot Grant, Principal Investigator, "Veteran Status and Later-Life Health: Evidence from Sibling Fixed-Effects Models" (with Janet Wilmoth) Award Total: $19,934.

• Principal Investigator, Maxwell Dean's Office Summer Project Assistantship. $1,600.

Professor Amy Lutz

•"Children of Immigrants in the United States, France, and Germany" Maxwell School, Appleby Mosher Fund Grant (PI) 2017.

• Access to Selective Colleges in the Pre- and Post-Grutter Eras Among Racial, Ethnic, and Immigrant Groups, National Science Foundation Grant. September 2012 - August 2017.

• National Science Foundation Grant, Principal Investigator. "Access to Selective Colleges in the Pre- and Post-Grutter Eras among Racial, Ethnic, and Immigrant Groups" $200,000.

• Visiting Fellow, Russell Sage Foundation, New York, NY 2012-2013.

Professor Yingyi Ma

• "The Timing of Entry to STEM" Accepted into the Pathway Through College Research network, NSF Awarded $8,000.00, 2018-2019.

• "Entry and Degree Attainment in STEM: The Intersection of Race/Ethnicity and Gender" Association for Institutional Research 2013-2015, $38,770. 

• "Globalization, International Education and Academic Mobility in China" ACLS Luce Fellowship, 2014. 

• 2010-2012 “Battlefield Perceptions of Engineering: An Institutional Response to Absent   Pathways and Missing Engineering Students.” PI: Laura Steinberg, Co- PI: Yingyi Ma, Timothy Eatman, Corrine Zoni, National Science Foundation Engineering Education. Awarded: $149,597.

• 2010-2011  “Immigration, College Education and Wage Inequality in the U.S.” PI: Lingxin Hao, Co-PI: Yingyi Ma, National Science Foundation Sociology. Awarded: $123,754.

Professor Shannon Monnat

• “Understanding Opioid Risks in Rural and Micropolitan Communities: Economic Restructuring, Social Disorganization, and Local Responses,” USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Agriculture Food and Research Initiative (AFRI), 2018-2022.

• “Identifying and Informing Strategies for Disrupting Drug Distribution Networks: An Application to Opiate Flows in Pennsylvania,” National Institute of Justice, 2018-2019.

• “Despair, Death, and Democracy: Understanding Associations between Place-Level Economic Conditions, Population Health, and U.S. Election Outcomes,"  The Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2017-2018.

• “Understanding the Geography of Stress-Related Mortality in the U.S., with a Focus on Opiate Addiction and Drug Overdose Mortality,” USDA Economic Research Service, 2016-2017.

• “Neighborhood Effects on Health,”  PA Tobacco Settlement Fund, 2016-2017.

Professor Jackie Orr

• Among 10 faculty members on the Democratizing Knowledge Project which has been awarded a four-year $500,000 grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation to fund a series of summer institutes titled "Just Academic Spaces: Creating New Publics through Radical Literacies" 2014.

Professor Prema Kurien

• 2015-2018 National Science Foundation, Sociology Program award, SES- 1528344. “The Incorporation of Religious Minorities in Canada and the United States.” July 15, 2015-June 30, 2018. $ 198,199.
• 2017-2018 PARCC Mini-Grant, “Race, Religion, and Citizenship: Indian American Political Advocacy.” $ 2000.
• 2016-2017 Appleby Mosher award, Maxwell School. Syracuse University. Funding to present paper at the International Sociological Association Conference, Vienna, Austria, July 2016. $ 1,000

• 2015-2017 PARCC Faculty Research Mini-Grant Program, Maxwell School, Syracuse University. “Race, Religion, and the Political Incorporation of Contemporary Immigrants.” $ 1,931.
• 2014-2016 Appleby Mosher award, Maxwell School, Syracuse University. “Ethnic Church Meets Mega Church: Indian American Christians.” $ 1,000.
• 2013-2016 National Science Foundation, Sociology Program award, SES-1323881. The Incorporation of Minorities in Canada and the United States, August 31, 2013-May 31 2016, $ 65,811.
• 2010-2017 Religion and Diversity Project, Major Collaborative Research Initiatives, Social Science Research Council, Canada. A $ 2.5 million project involving a consortium of scholars from several countries, headed by Lori Beaman, University of Ottawa

• National Science Foundation, Sociology Program award, The Incorporation of Religious Minorities in Canada and the United States, 2015-2018, $198,199. 

Professor Merrill Silverstein

• 6/1/15 – 5/31/17 National Institute on Aging $ 275,000 Religiosity and Mortality Risk in Later Life (PI) R21
• 2/1/15 – 1/31/18 John Templeton Foundation $1,490,000 Religious Transitions, Transmissions, and Trajectories, Among Baby-Boomers and their Families
• 7/1/12 – 6/30/14 Center for Aging Policy $ 50,000 Intergenerational Relationships in China (Pilot)
• 10/01/10 - 09/30/12 National Institute on Aging $ 86,000 Tools for Data Archiving the Longitudinal Study of Generations (PI) R03
• 09/15/09 - 08/31/11 National Institute on Aging $ 500,000 A Longitudinal Study of Generations and Mental Health: (PI) R56
• 07/01/11 -06/30/12 Initiative on Advancing $ 25,000 Surveying Hispanics in the Longitudinal Scholarship in the Humanities Study of Generations.and Social Sciences (USC)

• Center for Aging Policy $50,000, Intergenerational Relationships in China (Pilot)  2012-2014.

Professor Gretchen Purser

• 2017 Curriculum Development Grant, Tenth Decade Project on “Work, Labor & Citizenship in the 21st Century,” Maxwell School of Syracuse University ($3,000)

• 2017 Carla B. Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant, American Sociological Association ($2,500) (Co-PI: Nazanin Shahrokni) Nationally competitive grant to see projects that advance the teaching and learning of sociology.

• 2017 PARCC Faculty Mini-Grant, Maxwell School of Syracuse University ($2,000)

• 2017 Grant Recipient, American Association of Geographers (AAG) Conference Enrichment Fund ($420)

• 2016 Appleby-Mosher Research Grant, Maxwell School of Syracuse University ($1,200)

• 2016 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teaching, Research and Service, Maxwell School of Syracuse University Awarded annually to an outstanding nontenured Maxwell School faculty member.

• 2016-17 Tenth Decade Project Award, “Work, Labor & Citizenship in the 21st Century,” Maxwell School of Syracuse University ($68,000) Awarded to team of faculty to nurture interdisciplinary inquiry in the broad field of labor studies.

• Sociological Initiatives Foundation grant (for community-based research project with the Workers Center of Central New York, the Worker Justice Center of New York, 2014.
• Visiting Scholar, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cambridge, MA) 2013-14.

Professor Nazanin Shahrokni

• “RePlacing Women, ReMaking the State: The Politics of Gender Segregation in Iran" (Book Manuscript) (PI) Global Religion Research Initiative, Book Leave Fellowship, Notre Dame University. 2018-2019.

• "SurVEILance: Sociology of the Veil" Global Religion Research Initiative, Curriculum Development Grant ($4000) Notre Dame University (PI) 2018-2019.

• Co-Principal Investigator, Awarded $2500.00 "Citizen Sociologists: Using Smartphones to Do Sociology" ASA, Carla B. Howery Teaching Enhancement Grant. 2017-2018.

Professor Rebecca Schewe

• “Linking Human Behavior And Hydrological Processes Towards Improved Understanding Of Spatio-Temporal EC Prevalence Across Agroecosystems," (CoiPI) National Institute of Food and Agriculture/USDA.($499,284) January 2018 - January 2021. 

• Co-Principal Investigator, Awarded $258,032.00 (Subcontract $94,217) September 2015-September 2018.
• “Communication Avenues for Vietnamese Fishing Communities in Mississippi and Alabama with Coastal Resource Agencies,” NOAA Saltonstall-Kennedy Principal Investigators, Awarded $1,112 October 2017-October 2018.
• “Plain Farmers and Sustainability,” Appleby-Mosher Award, Syracuse University Co-Principal Investigator, Awarded $9,600 November 2014-October 2015

• “An Integrated Milk Quality Extension and Education Program to Reduce Mastitis,” Michigan State University/USDA. September 2014 – January 2017.

• “Communication Avenues for Vietnamese Fishing Communities in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with Coastal Resources Agencies,” Mississippi State University/National Oceanic and Atmospherica Administration (NOAA). September 2015-August 2017.

• Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Award, Mississippi State University.

• Co-Principal Investigator: “An Integrated Milk Quality Extension and Education Program to Reduce Mastitis and Antimicrobial Use” USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, January 2013-January 2018.                                                                                                                                                     • •“Diverse Fishers and Marine Governance” Mississippi State University Cross College Research Grant Program. Co-Project Director, Awarded $3M (Subcontract $170,258)

Professor Janet Wilmoth

• 2015-2016 “Military Service and Financial Capability: Findings from the Current Population Survey (CPS)” Co-Investigators: Andrew London and Janet Wilmoth. JP Morgan Chase and Syracuse University Office of the Vice President for Research.
• 2013-2014 “Military Service Status and Financial Capability” Co-Investigators: Andrew London and Janet Wilmoth. JP Morgan Chase.

• Movement for Healthy Aging Initiative, 2016. Health Foundation for Western and Central New York & NY State Office of Children and Family Services.

• 2009-2014 “Center for Aging and Policy Studies.” Principal Investigator and Director: Doug Wolf, Co-Investigator and Associate Director: Janet Wilmoth, Grant #1P30AG034464. National Institute on Aging $1,359,000 direct and indirect costs.