Ephraim Mizruchi

Professor Emeritus, Sociology


Ph.D., Purdue University, 1961


Ephraim "Hal" Mizruchi, professor emeritus of sociology, passed away on May 14, 2018. He had been an active member of Maxwell’s faculty for 34 years, joining the School in 1964 and retiring in 1998. During that time he directed the Maxwell Policy Center on Aging (1975-83) and chaired his department (1987-90). He received, from Syracuse University, a Chancellor’s Citation for Exceptional Academic Achievement in 1985. A fellow of the American Sociological Society, he focused in his research on what he himself termed “oddballs” — reflected in his book Regulating Society: Beguines, Bohemians, and Other Marginals (published in 1987 by the University of Chicago Press). Among other titles were Time and Aging: Conceptualization and Applications in Sociological and Gerontological Research, Success and Opportunity: Class Values and Anomie in American Life, and The Substance of Sociology: Codes, Conduct & Consequences.

For details about Professor Mizruchi’s death, visit his online obituary.