Nazanin Shahrokni has received a Global Religion Research Initiative Book Leave Fellowship for next year.

The title of her book and an abstract are: 

RePlacing Women, ReMaking the State

The Politics of Gender Segregation in the Islamic Republic of Iran

RePlacing Women, ReMaking the State examines the post-revolutionary trajectories of the Iranian state through the lens of gender segregation. It argues that the (re-)enforcement and patrolling of gender boundaries in city spaces are key mechanisms for state development, the consolidation of its power, and the enactment of its religious identity. The expansion of gender segregated spaces in Iran, the book argues, reflects the state’s attempt to reestablish itself as the arbiter of gender boundaries in the face of social, political and economic pressures. RePlacing Women, ReMaking the State, then, is about the various historically contingent ways in which state, gender, and religion collide and collude.