Recent Dissertations


Kasturi Gupta: "The Politics of Corporate Social Responsibility in Contemporary India"

Ynesse Abdul-Malak: "Healthy Immigrants? Exploring Country of Origin, Pre-Immigration Experiences and Acculturation in Relationship to U.S. Immigrants’ Health"

Natalee Simpson: "Families Designed Through Art: Exploring Embodied Experience and Conception Disclosure based on Sexual Identity"


Chantell B. Frazier: "Adolescent Health Behaviors Related to Reproductive Health: Does Structural Violence Matter?"

Tre Wentling: "Trans Gender Embodied States of Recognition: Agency and Fragmented Citizenship"


Yasmin Ortiga: "Educating for Export: Philippine Higher Education and the Production of Migrant Workers"

Carrie Roseamelia: "Leading Teacher Unions: Negotiating Challenges and Impact"

Kelly Szott: "Governing through Health: The Biomedical and Public Health Management of Drug Using Bodies"


Megan Bahns - "Gender Regimes in Finance:  The Social Organization of Money Work"

Glenda Gross - "My Pedagogy is Where So Much of my Feminism Happens"

Karyn Stewart - "Weighing in on Heavy Issues:  Exploring Race, Nativity, and Pre-Pregnancy Body Mass Indes in Relatonship to Preterm Birth and Low Birth Weight"

Fumilayo Showers - "Nursing the Nation:  Globalization, Gender, Race, State, and African Immigrant Women in health Care Work in the U.S.A.."

Gokhan Savas - "An Intersectional Analysis of the Female Postsecondary Advantage:  Gender, Race, and College Selectivity."


Liat Ben Moshe - "Genealogies of Resistance to Incarceration:  Abolition Politics Within Deinstitutionalization and Anti-Prison Activism in the U.S., 1950-Present"

Elizabeth S. Mignacca - "The Class Ceiling in Doctoral Education:  Social Class in the Formation of Scholars"

Don C. Sawyer III - "I Ain't Do Nothing!:  The Social and Academic Experiences of Black Males in a Dismantled School"

Alecea I. Standlee - "The Real Virtual World:  Connectivity and Techno-mediation in the Lives of College Students"

Medani Bhandari - “Exploring the International Union for the Conservation of Nature National Program Development in Biodiversity Conservation: A Comparative Study of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh”


Stephanie Crist
“It’s the Resources: Work, Governance and the Institutionalization of an Emergency Food Network”

Avery Brooks Tompkins
“Intimate Allies: Identity, Community and Everyday Resistance Among Cisgender People with Trans-Identified Partners”

Emelda Tabao Driscoll
“Intersection of Class and Gender: Ethnographic Interviews with Female Employer-Female Domestic Dyads in the Philippines”


Li-Fang Liang
“Constructing Migrant Care Labor: A Study of Institutional Process & the Discourse of Migration & Work”

Kristenne Robison
“Gender at Work on the Force”

Griselda Rodriguez
“Mujeres, Myths & Margins: Afro Dominican Women in the Capitalist World-Economy”

Wendy Parker
“Trajectories of Children’s Health: Inequality and the Role of Parental Resources”


Val Episcopo
“Chronic Strain and Weight Change”

Jennifer Flad
“Advocating for Care: An Institutional Ethnography of the Work of Advocating within a Managed Care Health System”

Na Zhao
“The Stress Process & the Growth Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms: Is there a Racial Difference?”


Payal Banerjee
“Indian Information Technology Workers in the U.S.: Integrated Circuits of Race, Gender, and State in the Making of Immigrant Labor”

Kathleen Farrell
“Backstage Politics: Social Change and the “Gay TV” Industry”


Sara Smits
“Unclear Path: Remnants of War in Vietnam”

Sarah Fischesser
“Thanks to Title IX: Female Athletes’ Identifications and Team Sports in Transition”

Toby Ewing
“Community Development and Capacity Building: A Case Study of Monte Verde, Costa Rica”

Jeremy Brunson
“The Practice and Organization of Sign Language Interpreting: An Institutional Ethnography of Access”


Charleen Tuchovsky
“Galatea’s Uprising – Activism in the U.S. Sex Worker’s Rights Movement”