Nesma El Sehmawy

Contact Information

Nesma El Sehmawy

Educations & Degrees:

BA, Journalism & Mass Communication, American University in Cairo, 2016

Research Interests:

Gender roles and family dynamics, Male superiority and female inferiority in Egypt, Family therapy and marriage studies




I am Nesma Elsehmawy and I am from Egypt. I studied Marketing and Psychology at the American University in Cairo. I am passionate about controversial social issues such as sexual harassment, Stigmatizing AIDS, Child sexual abuse, Female Genital Mutilation and finally marriage issues. Since most of these issues in my countries are considered taboo topics that no one can talk freely about, I like to challenge people’s perceptions about those topics usually by raising awareness about them. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to work in organizations in Egypt that tackle those topics. I even traveled to India to work in an NGO that raises awareness about HIV/AIDS and how to avoid it. For 4 years as an undergrad, I worked with organizations that fight sexual harassment and child sexual abuse.I am so excited to start my master’s program and the many adventures I will embark on.