Youngrong Lee

Contact Information

Youngrong Lee

Educations & Degrees:

MA, Culture & Gender Studies, Yonsei University, 2014

BA, Sociology, Sungkonghoe University, 2010

Research Interests:

Work and Labor, Post-work, Work-centered identity and life, Gender, Feminist and Qualitative Methods, East Asia, South Korea



My academic interests focus on work and labor, dealing in particular with the meaning of work, gendered labor, and post-work. These broad interests emerged during the course of my master's thesis, which explored why workers at for-profit corporations in South Korea seek new, alternative work. Advancing this research further, I conducted a series of qualitative studies with a focus on the work experiences of young South Korean workers. The results of my research have been published as academic articles, reports, and books in South Korea. I hope to continue pursuing these interests and contribute to feminist, post-work, and cultural theories.