Angie Mejia

Contact Information

Angie Mejia

Educations & Degrees:

MA, Sociology, Portland State University, 2008
BA, Anthropology & Social Science, Portland State University, 2005 

Research Interests:

Mood (dis)orders as experienced by women of color


My research interests focuses on mood (dis)orders as experienced by women of color . As a sociologist, I believe that these experiences can help us craft alternative ways of understanding and addressing sadness and emotional distress in order to counteract the social impacts arising from biomedicine’s psychopharmaceutical overfetishization of health.  As a methodologist and community organizer, I am also interested (and invested) in visual narratives by immigrant Latina women. Using participatory action research approaches such as Photovoice, I have learned how their narratives of crossing (and surviving) affective and geographically (in)distinguishable man-made fronteras, could give us a better, more nuanced understanding of our very own acts of survival under a U.S. biopolitical moment.