Will Oliver

Contact Information

Will Oliver

Educations & Degrees:

MA, Education, MA Sociology, Syracuse University, 2011
BS, History, SUNY Brockport, 2004

Research Interests:

Work & Labor, Work & Families, Sociology of the Military, Organizations & Institutions, Qualitative Feminist Research Methods - Ethnography 


My research interests encompass a range of sociological topics including Work and Labor, Work and Families, Sociology of the Military, Organizations and Institutions, Gender Studies, and Qualitative Feminist Research Methods - Ethnography. These interests are derived from my own experiences in the military and from a desire to better understand the processes of militarization that occur within the greater military community and to examine how militarization acts to extract the physical and emotional labor from military spouses and partners in the interest of supporting the military’s own organizational goals. For example, I am interested in the formal and informal institutional processes and social networks that act to militarize families, and specifically spouses and partners, as well as how spouses’ and partners’ formal and informal work roles are learned and fulfilled within the military community. Additionally, within a broader framework, I am interested in expanding conceptualizations of “work” and demonstrating how definitions of what constitutes “work” are inherently related to institutions and organizations of power, thus adding to our overall understanding of “work”, while also constructing a counter-narrative within the sociological literature that examines the relationship between the military and military spouses and partners.