(Orr, Green, Ackerman, Purser, Kurien)

Theory lies at the heart of the sociological imagination and an analysis of how social structures and individual lives are intimately connected. How is history embedded in everyday social relations? What are the links between our own social locations and the forms of sociological knowledge we value or produce? Faculty with a special interest in social theory focus on critical theories of power, colonialism, the body, hegemony, globalization, immigration, intersectionality, labor, social movements, and nationalism. Drawing on diverse bodies of scholarship including Marxist and Gramscian thought, Bourdieu's work on culture and capital, feminism and critical race theory, and postcolonial thought, faculty engage both sociological and interdisciplinary trajectories of theory. Students pursuing this focal area will build theoretical skills that contribute to their dissertation research, their methodological practice, and their own teaching.