Social Science PhD Listings

Doctoral Candidates

Olga Boichak

Olga Boichak -

My principal interest lies in the various roles digital media play in constructing social reality. In my research, I fuse ethnographic and computational methods to understand how human and nonhuman actors use digital media to advance political goals. My dissertation explores civic participation in mediatized warfare.


Holly A. Dobbins -

In the study of social movements and conflict resolution, I emphasize the role of shared worldviews, life experiences, and the roles of women. My dissertation in progress, Nunavut: A Creation Story. The Inuit Movement and Canada's Newest Territory, addresses how indigenous values and leadership methodologies contributed to movement continuity and the negotiation process in the struggle for the creation of a territorial home for the Inuit people.

Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson -

My research focuses on political and religious extremism in the United States. I am particularly interested in the ways that such movements use their understandings of history to support their goals and the sometimes violent actions undertaken to pursue them.

Ms. Shin Yon Kim

Shin Yon Kim -

My research interests are in the economic, political and diplomatic issues that influence the state of affairs on the Korean peninsula generally and North-South relations particularly. I am especially interested in factors that affect the prospects for reunification.

Ms. Yooumi Lee

Yooumi Lee -

My research interests broadly lie in the areas of Aging and Social Policy, and Social Gerontology . I am particularly interested in multigenerational families, their living arrangements, intergenerational relationships and social support systems(grand parenting and caregiving), and in the health and well-being of older people generally.    

Natasha Koshy

Natasha S.K. -

My areas of interest include rural livelihoods, agriculture and food. I am especially interested in how changes in agricultural technologies impact the lives of women in rural households in India.  

Gary Shaheen

Gary  Shaheen -

Gary E. Shaheen, MPA, ABD is a nationally recognized expert in the field of evidence based employment practices including supported and customized employment, social entrepreneurship and mental health rehabilitation, homelessness and systems change and military veterans. His research topic is how military service influences the transition to adulthood of young adult female veterans with service connected disabilities.

Ms. Taveeshi Singh

Taveeshi Singh -

Taveeshi Singh is a doctoral student in the Social Science PhD Program at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University. Her research centers on socio-cultural practices in the military, with a focus on South Asia. A secondary area of inquiry addresses the production of visual imagery by development organizations. She is also a student in the MA Documentary Film & History program. 

Wendy Wicker

Wendy Wicker -

My principal areas of interest are post-conflict reconstruction and crisis management.  I am especially interested in transitional justice/reconciliation mechanisms and their impacts on marginalized populations, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa. 

Mr. Joonsik Kim

Joonsik Yoon -

My principal research interests are in policy issues surrounding human migration. These include the factors providing incentive for migration, as well as the economic and social impacts of migration on both source and destination societies.