Social Science PhD Listings

Doctoral Students

Poonam Argade_120

Poonam Argade -

Poonam is interested in interdisciplinary research in small cities- urban and peri-urban spaces in western India using mixed methodologies. Prior to this, she studied her Masters in Development & Planning from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India.  She engages with Transnational and Dalit- Bahujan feminisms; and attempts to draw on scholarship across Women’s & Gender Studies, Sociology, Anthropology and Human Geography. She is also pursuing a Masters degree in Sociology from the Maxwell School. 

Avdic, Elvis

Elvis Avdic -

Elvis Avdic′  will focus his broader research on the intersection of immigration/refugees, entrepreneurship, and technology.  Elvis would like to study the social and economic development of immigrants who pursue technology start-ups, what barriers they face (immigration policies, socially constructed barriers of stigma, racism, social adaption, etc.) and what supports they leverage in overcoming these barriers.

Cory Michael Cali -

Cory is a first-year PhD student in the Social Science Program.  He holds a J.D. from Syracuse University's College of Law, and a master's degree in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University.  Cory Michael Cali, Esq. is the legal advisor to the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and the former General Counsel of DevTech Systems.  An attorney in New York and Virginia, Cory has previously worked in litigation and risk management.  He also has experience in both program management and program evaluation having worked across a wide selection of Department of State bureaus and USAID Missions. 

Erika Carter Grosso

Erika Carter Grosso -

Erika Carter Grosso is a doctoral student in the Social Science Ph.D. Program within the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Affairs at Syracuse University. Her broad research interests include international migration and settlement, as well as globalization and its effects, specifically on migration and incorporation. The focus of her dissertation research is Cuban migration to Syracuse, NY and the role that social networks play in the migration process.  

Cheng, Kent

Kent Cheng -

Kent is interested in the economic implications of the aging population.  Prior to enrolling in the PhD program, he worked as a health policy researcher in the premier health sciences center in the Philippines.  Some of his notable involvements in research of nationwide scope include the cost-effectiveness of dengue vaccination, cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination, and the modelling of viral hepatitis burden. 

Croce, Nicholas

Nicholas Croce -

Nicholas' research examines the nature of economic mobility in the United States.  He is fascinated by the repercussions of postmodern technology on capitalism and social interaction.  Nicholas is a graduate of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University (MPP in Social Policy, Poverty Alleviation), as well as Nazareth College and Monroe Community College.

Ms. Fitore Hyseni

Fitore Hyseni -

Fitore Hyseni plans to study segregation in education systems, as well as policy alternatives which would create more inclusive systems which could be replicated in other regions. She will explore whether choice-based programs reduce or increase racial, ethnic or economic segregation. 

Ms. S. Samanta Lee

S. Samanta Lee -

Samanta Lee's research focuses on patient engagement in healthcare and how healthcare professional assess the quality of recommendations generated by consumers during activities that engage state and lay actors in commissioning, designing, delivering, and/or assessing public services.  

Melissa Lopoo

Melissa Lopoo -

Melissa Lopoo began her studies in the Social Science PhD Program in 2017.  Her work explores the historical, social, and cultural implications of American college athletics.  Her interests include commercialism, amateurism, social justice issues, and the prevalence and impact of predominant football cultures, particularly in the American South.

Piston, Daniel

Daniel Piston -

Daniel Piston is a part-time Social Science Ph.D. student, with a full time position as a Program Evaluation Manager at the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. He currently holds two degrees from Syracuse University, an undergraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science (2016) and a Master of Public Administration degree (2018). Prior to attending his undergraduate studies, Dan served for six years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer and Helicopter Crewchief, deploying four times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn and Operation Unified Response. Dan plans to use his dissertation to explore the use of behavioral economics in the public sector.

Ms. Krishna Ranaware

Krishna (Krushna) Ranaware -

 Krushna received her Masters in Economics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Previously, she was a research assistant at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research in Mumbai, India. Her research interests are food security, agriculture, and gender. Krushna is currently working in the Center for Policy Research of the Maxwell School with Professor Rebecca Schewe.  

Adelaide Rosa

Adelaide Rosa -

Adelaide is interested in developing an understanding of how collective sense of place interacts with decision-making and environmental justice outcomes. Adelaide plans to investigate how Onondaga Lake's complex and contested watershed is understood, interacted with, and conceptualized in very different ways by diverse co-located communities. She completed a Master of Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 2016, and holds Bachelors degrees in Political Science and International Relations from the University of California San Diego.

Mr. Jaisang Sun

Jaisang  Sun -

Jai's main areas of interest are in transnational migration, diasporic nationalism, multiculturalism and refugee studies. 

John Wolohan

John Wolohan -

Attorney John Wolohan is a professor of Sports Law in the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse University.  He is one of the lead editors of the book ”Law for Recreation and Sport Managers” by Cotton and Wolohan, as well as being the author of the “Sports Law Report” a monthly article that appears in Athletic Business.  He is interested in sport law; sport doping, antitrust and labor law, image rights; rights of athletes.


Shiyang Xiao -

Shiyang is a doctoral student in Social Science Ph.D Program since 2017. Before coming to Syracuse, she received her master's degree from the School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, China. Her major research interests include policy process studies and inter-organizational cooperation. She believes inducing collaboration among different social sectors  will help achieve better governance. 

Ms. Dongmei Zuo

Dongmei Zuo -

Dongmei Zuo plans to examine inter-generational relationships over the life course, family dynamics, and elder care from both policy and cultural perspectives.  Her prior research of economics and family relationships has pointed to strained circumstances that lower the morale and cause depression among seniors.  She seeks to improve understanding of these issues and how they might be affected by policy.