Social Science PhD Listings

Recent Graduates

Evan Andrews

Evan Andrews -

My general area of research is subnational political economy.  My dissertation examines how electoral rules affect political competition and public spending, using the case of Brazilian municipalities.  I also have working papers on local government management of natural resource revenue, and on local-government adoption of own-source tax revenue in a rentier economy. 

Nicholas J. Armstrong

Nicholas John Armstrong -

 Dr. Armstrong is the Senior Director of Research and Policy at Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans and Military Families, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs. His research interests include organizational issues related to national security policy, focusing on strategic management, U.S. interagency policy-making, and post-conflict reconstruction. 

Olga Boichak

Olga Boichak -

My principal interest lies in the various roles digital media play in constructing social reality. In my research, I fuse ethnographic and computational methods to understand how human and nonhuman actors use digital media to advance political goals. My dissertation explores civic participation in mediatized warfare.

Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson -

My research focuses on political and religious extremism in the United States. I am particularly interested in the ways that such movements use their understandings of history to support their goals and the sometimes violent actions undertaken to pursue them.

Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly Johnson -

Dr. Johnson studies economic citizenship, food bio-politics, distributive justice, the role business interests play in shaping U.S. and global food landscapes, and how broad based social movements resist these influences. Her dissertation research specifically looks at science and the consumer role in the trans fat policy in NYC through a political economy lens.

Ms. Shin Yon Kim

Shin Yon Kim -

My research interests are in the economic, political and diplomatic issues that influence the state of affairs on the Korean peninsula generally and North-South relations particularly. I am especially interested in factors that affect the prospects for reunification.

Todd Metcalfe

Todd Metcalfe -

My work is broadly concerned with environmental policy and economics. My current research focuses on how climate change policy impacts pollution of waterways.

Christopher P. Morley

Christopher Morley -

Dr. Morley is Chair of the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Family Medicine at the Upstate Medical University of New York. His main research interests are in health disparities in primary care. He is also active in medical education, and maintains secondary interests in psychiatric genetics, research design, practice-based research networks, and medical ethics.

Anthony J. Nocella

Anthony J. Nocella, II -

Dr. Nocella is a visiting professor at Hamline University School of Education. His research interests include peace and conflict studies, terrorism and security studies, criminal and restorative justice, critical pedagogy, and disability studies.

Natasha Koshy

Natasha S.K. -

My areas of interest include rural livelihoods, agriculture and food. I am especially interested in how changes in agricultural technologies impact the lives of women in rural households in India.  

Gary Shaheen

Gary  Shaheen -

Gary E. Shaheen, MPA, ABD is a nationally recognized expert in the field of evidence based employment practices including supported and customized employment, social entrepreneurship and mental health rehabilitation, homelessness and systems change and military veterans. His research topic is how military service influences the transition to adulthood of young adult female veterans with service connected disabilities.

Anya Stanger

Anya Elizabeth Stanger -

Anya Stanger ('15) is an affiliate in the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Department at UC Davis, and teaches Sociology and Women's Studies at Sierra College.  She is currently working on a manuscript based on her dissertation, tentatively titled "Privileged Resistance:  Prisoners of Conscience in the US, 1980-2009." 

Amy Tweedy

Amy Tweedy -

Dr. Amy Tweedy is Assistant Vice President for Program and Partnerships at SUNY Empire State College. Her research interests include the study of geographies of emotion, sexuality and space, the sociology of work, women's studies and queer theory.  

Jeanette Zoeckler

Jeanette Zoeckler -

I am interested in the social and behavioral dimensions of work and health over the life course – and in the prevention and amelioration of occupational disease burdens through social change and policy reform.