2020 Paul Volcker Symposium In Behavioral Economics
Panel Discussion

March 31, 2020

Dr. Paul and Natalie Strasser Legacy Room
220 Eggers Hall

Symposium Speakers

Shaz Attari
Shahzeen Attari

Indiana University

Alex Maki
Alex Maki

Department of Energy

Lisa Zaval
Lisa Zaval

Columbia University

A reception will follow the symposium.

RSVP is recommended. To RSVP, please submit the RSVP form.

For more information please contact Katrina Fiacchi at kfiacchi@syr.edu or 315.443.9040.

Past Symposium Speakers

2019 - April 9. Alix Barasch (New York University), Syon Bhanot (Swarthmore College), Sandra Goff (Skidmore College), and Sandra Polania-Reyes (Notre Dame)

2018 - March 26. Emiliano Huet-Vaughn (UCLA), Adam Levine (Cornell University), and Andrea Robbett (Middlebury University)

2017 - April 28. Tatiana Homonoff (NYU), Jacob Goldin (Stanford University), and Joseph Boskovski (Syracuse University, Maxwell X Lab)