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    About Us

    Randomized Controlled Trial Diagram 1The Maxwell X Lab started in January 2017 with a singular purpose - partner with the public and nonprofit sector to build evidence for what works.

    We leverage behavioral science and randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to intelligently design and rigorously evaluate everything we do. Together these powerful techniques allow practitioners to work with the Maxwell School to improve outcomes cost-effectively and understand the precise impact of each change.

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    Hear a portion of Director Len Lopoo’s comments to Maxwell alumni where he discusses the goals of the Maxwell X Lab

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    Win-Win-Win Situation

    The Maxwell X Lab benefits government and nonprofits, in turn helping the clients they serve, while creating a sandbox in which to study real world policy challenges.


    Maxwell X Lab innovates policymaking through behavioral science

    Maxwell X Lab's primary goals are to help Maxwell students and faculty run experiments that result in reliable, convincing outcomes; to bring informed, innovative ideas to the conversation as the experiments are being developed; and to develop partnerships in the community and with nonprofit organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.


    Joseph Boskovski ’14 MPA helps governments make effective policy

    Alumnus Joseph Boskovski co-founded Maxwell X Lab with Professor Len Lopoo, director of the Center for Policy Research, to help governments and non-profits make better policies by applying scientific standards for testing their proposed interventions. Through Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs), policymakers can discern the outcome of various "nudges" on actual human behavior rather than assuming how humans might respond.

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