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  • Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis

    Certificate of Advanced Study

  • The 12-credit Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS) in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis is designed for graduate students who want to use geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial data analysis in their academic or professional careers. The GIS and Spatial Analysis certificate offers students theoretical and hands-on technical training in the applications of spatial information technologies and analysis in the social, natural, health, and data sciences. This certificate of advanced study is appropriate for graduate students in fields such as geography, earth sciences, engineering, public policy, economics, data science, public health, biology, sociology, the humanities, and education who want to complement their primary area of study with expertise in GIS mapping and spatial data analysis.

    Spatial data analysis, modeling, and visualization aid decision-makers in the public, private and nonprofit sectors every day. Careers in urban, regional, and transportation planning, environmental resource management, health-care delivery, and public administration leverage tools such as GIS, GPS (global positioning systems), unmanned aerial vehicles, remote sensing technologies, and image analysis to make geographically informed decisions.

  • Curriculum

    Associate Professor Jonnell Robinson with studentsThe 12-credit CAS in GIS and Spatial Analysis offers courses in three recommended tracks for students interested in (1) the natural sciences, (2) the social and health sciences, or (3) data science and data visualization.

    After completing the foundational required course (GEO 683: Geographic Information Systems (3 credits)), students should choose three additional courses (9 credits). Interested students should contact the CAS Director to enroll and select appropriate courses.

    1 Core Course (3 credits)

    • GEO 683: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

    Approved Electives

    • GEO 583: Environmental Geographical Information Science
    • GEO 676 - Advanced GIS Analysis and Applications
    • GEO 678 - Spatial Storytelling
    • GEO 679 - Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Research & Applications
    • GEO 682 - Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications and Research
    • GEO 684 - GIS for Urban Environments
    • GEO 686 - Quantitative Geographic Analysis
    • GEO 687 - Environmental Geostatistics
    • GEO 688 - Geographic Information and Society
    • GEO 758 - GIS-based Geostatistical Methods and Applications
    • GEO 781 - Seminar: Cartography
    • EAR 610 - Applications of GIS in the Earth Sciences
    • HTW 633 - Spatial Statistics for Public Health


    • Peng Gao, Department of Geography and the Environment
    • Brooks Gump, Department of Public Health
    • Gregory D. Hoke, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Arnisson Andre C. Ortega, Department of Geography and the Environment
    • Jane Read, Department of Geography and the Environment
    • Jonnell A. Robinson, Department of Geography and the Environment

  • joseph distefano

    "The CAS in GIS and Spatial Analysis helped me hone my skills as a spatial data analyst through courses that gave me the opportunity to examine both theoretical and real-world applications of spatial technologies. This includes a wide array of applications from 3D analysis of mudslides in Advanced GIS Analysis and Applications with Dr. Peng Gao to the development of potential mobile farmers’ market routes in GIS for Urban Environments with Dr. Jonnell Robinson."

    ~ Joseph DiStefano MA (Geo) / CAS

    Student, MA Geography/ CAS GIS and Spatial Analysis

  • Admission

    Enroll in this Maxwell certificate and tailor your program with elective courses offered across the University's 13 schools and colleges.

    New Students

    • $75 application fee
    • Personal Statement
    • Resume (preferred) or CV
    • TOEFL score (international students only)
    • Transcripts - Official transcripts are not required at time of application, but will be necessary for matriculation into the program.
    • Three Letters of Recommendation

    Work experience is not required.

    Current Syracuse University Students

    If you are already enrolled in a graduate degree program at Syracuse University, you may complete this certificate concurrently with your degree. Speak with your academic advisor about your goals and your course schedule.

    For more information, contact the CAS in GIS and Spatial Analysis Advisor, Associate Professor Jonnell Robinson.

  • Completion Options


  • All students enrolled in a Syracuse University graduate degree program are eligible to apply.

  • Offered by

    Geography and the Environment
    144 Eggers Hall
    Phone: +1.315.443.2605

  • For General Questions

    Jonnell Robinson
    Jonnell Robinson
    Associate Professor
    Geography and the Environment
    215C Lyman Hall
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