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Build connections for your career in public service

Next Generation Leadership Corps

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What is SU-NextGen?

  •   This opportunity is a two-year leadership development program for students interested in building skills for a career in public service.

Part of a growing network of similar programs across the country powered by the Volcker Alliance Next Generation Service Corps, Syracuse University's program brings together cohorts of students to wrestle with the potent threats facing our democracy and work together to develop possible solutions.

Who is eligible to apply?

  •   Syracuse University first-year student through juniors from any major.
  •   Students from underrepresented backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.

Who is the ideal student?

  •   You want to serve as a catalyst for change in your community and nation.
  •   You want to help solve some of society’s big challenges.
  •   You are interested in a career in public/government or nonprofit service.
  •   You want to become a leader.

NextGen student participants will be organized by topics of interest and will discuss complex historical and political movements, such as climate change, racial equity and housing. 

NextGen Connect, the portal available only to participating students, opens doors to job opportunities, internships and events that deepen students’ knowledge and skillsets and help forge durable professional connections.

What are the benefits?

  •   Learn about public service values and practice community engagement.
  •   Build practical, collaborative leadership skills and professional development in government, non-profit and joint-venture organizations.
  •   Be part of the inaugural cohort of Syracuse University students—and future alumni—engaged in academic and service-learning leadership activities to serve our local communities.
  •   Collaborate with fellow students on experiential-learning projects.
  •   Network with students and alumni from 17 NextGen Service Corps programs across the United States.
  •   Earn a digital badge upon completion.

Signature cohort events allow NextGen Leadership Corps members to build their networks, engage with new ideas and consider how others approach pressing social issues and cultural conversations.

Events include direct service, network building and social/cultural events. Many signature events are only open to NextGen Leadership Corps members and offer direct connections with notable community leaders, public policy practitioners and elected officials.

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State Your Mission

Are you studying engineering to create low-cost water systems, or studying business to support the local food system? NextGen Leadership Corps members choose a social mission in addition to their academic major. Your mission drives your internships and experiences throughout the program.

Learn to Lead

In addition to the courses required for your major, you will take three courses throughout your time in the program that lay the foundation for leadership development, human-centered problem-solving and community collaboration.

Digital Badges

Students who complete the minimum set of required NextGen Leadership Corps requirements and activities will be able to earn a digital badge recognizing them as SU NextGen Leadership Corps graduates. The badges can be included in LinkedIn profiles, in an email signature and on a resume. Wherever you place your digital badge, it will link to the description of the credential and its requirements.

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Requirements for Completion


  1. Take MAX 123 or MAX 132
  2. Take PST 101, COM 107, ECN 101 or GEO 103
  3. Enroll in a credit-bearing internship while enrolled on campus, abroad or away in D.C.


  1. Attend two Voice of Public Service Events per term
  2. Meet monthly with mission team
  3. Attend beginning and end of academic year capstone events
Sarhia Rahim headshot

I attended the Next Generation Summit hosted at Montclair University and it was an incredible experience! The speakers were inspiring and the workshops were informative. My biggest take away was when we had the opportunity to volunteer at different sites in New Jersey. I left feeling motivated and empowered to make a difference in my community. I highly recommend attending if you have the opportunity!"

Sarhia Rahim '25 B.A. (PST)

Syracuse University Next Generation Leadership Corps
215 Eggers Hall