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Anna Wiersma Strauss

Anna Wiersma Strauss

Contact Information:

Anna Wiersma Strauss

Ph.D. Student, Public Administration and International Affairs Department

Graduate Research Associate, Aging Studies Institute

Highest degree earned

M.A., American University of Paris


Anna’s research interests include informal caregiving, work-family policies, inequality and redistribution, tax policy, and public values. Her research takes a life-course and intergenerational approach to examine the effect of social welfare programs on family income, time use, consumption and other measures of well-being.

Having lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and South Asia, in addition to the United States, she is also interested in comparative research.

Prior to beginning her Ph.D. studies, Anna was based in Paris, France, working as a policy analyst in the Global Relations Secretariat of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). There, she helped to establish and grow a regional co-operation program between OECD members and countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and worked on various projects related to inequality and economic development.

Areas of Expertise

Social welfare programs, caregiving across the lifecourse, tax policy and politics