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East Asia presents: Song Shiming

225B Eggers Hall

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The Scope and Classification of the Chinese Civil Servant January 2006 was the first time Civil Service Law was introduced in China. The most controversial issue that came up is the unique scope of the Chinese civil servant and its classification. Two questions will be discussed: (1) Why does China have to involve the members working in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organs in the scope of what makes a good civil servant?; (2) Should there be a classification between the political civil servant and the career civil servant? Song Shiming is a former Professor of Public Administration at the National School of Administration of China and is a current member of the People's Republic of China's State Writing Committee of Civil Servant Law.  He received his PhD in Public Administration in 1997 from Beijing University.  Shiming is a visiting scholar at SU studying government reform in the U.S. and conducting research for his book, Comparative Studies of Administrative Reforms between China and the U.S.

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