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East Asia Program presents: Ya Li

341 Eggers Hall

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 Ya Li Associate Professor of Public Policy , Beijing Institute of Technology Department of Public Management, Syracuse University The Party Behind the Scenes There is no way to understand current China and its domestic or international policies without understanding its all-powerful ruling party. The talk will begin from an introduction of Richard Mcgregor’s new book “The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers” and WikiLeaks’s recent disclosure of the dynamics of Chinese Politburo. The speaker will focus on the roles of the Chinese Communist Party in the “market” economy and in the contemporary Chinese society, and discuss the hidden operation rules of this giant political machine based on his own observation. Ya Li is an associate professor of public policy of the Department of Public Management, Beijing Institute of Technology. He is currently a visiting professor at Maxwell focusing on developing a methodology of interest coordination and negotiation which could lead to creative problem solving and win-win solution in the Chinese context.

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