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MES presents: Ajami

060 Eggers Hall

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Ajami is the religiously mixed community of Muslim and Christian Arabs in Tel Aviv. The film traces five stories about this district’s electric daily life. Omar, an Israeli Arab, struggles to save his family from elimination by a gang of extortionists. He also courts a beautiful Christian girl, Hadir, but marrying her appears impossible. Malek, an illegal Palestinian worker, tries to collect enough money to pay for his mother's operation. Dando, an Israeli policeman, does his utmost to trace his missing brother who may have been killed by Palestinians. Binj, Malek and Omar's Arab friend face rejection by members of the community for mixing with an Israeli girl. Is there room for peace amidst this chaos? Join us for this insightful look into an Arab community living in Israel! (Israel/Palestine, 2009) Directed by Scandar Copti and Yaronn Shani Co-produced by French, German, and Israeli companies (120 minutes) Language: Arabic/Hebrew

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