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The Transnational NGO Student Group presents: Dr. Steven R. Brechin

352 Eggers Hall

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The Transnational NGO Student Group is proud to present: Dr. Steven R. Brechin Dr. Steven Brechin is a professor of Sociology at Maxwell School. His particular interest is in organizational, political, and environmental sociology. He is interested in understanding the range of organizational models that exist for the protection of natural areas and biodiversity. In his current work, he uses the theoretical lens of the “hollow state” to explore the unique partnership between government and NGOs that has evolved in Belize to manage protected areas throughout the country, and its implication for public engagement, governance, and the goals of conservation. Belize has a well-developed and active civil society comprised of both domestic and international NGOs. Much of these organized civil society activities revolves around nature protection initiatives engaging both the government and local communities. Nature-based tourism has become a major source of economic development for the country over the last several decades. This presentation looks at different models of civic engagement pursued by domestic NGOs in Belize, Central America. The cases presented here differ dramatically from those given by Dr. Derick Brinkerhoff in his presentation to the TNGO Initiative in February 2011 on his fascinating work on NGOs and civil society in Indonesia.

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