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Moynihan European Research Centers: Film Screening

HBC Kittredge

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Moynihan European Research Centers invite you to: Film Screening: Organize Isler/Organized Jobs In this film, Yilmaz Erdogan sets his stage amongst magnificent, cutting edge shots of Istanbul, the capital of complicated dealings, where the culpable and the innocent mingle in the streets. In the inevitable grand scheme of organized crime, there are always winners and losers; one should be careful about accepting help when the trusted faces are clouded in mist. Now lost within the workings of that great churning machine of darkness is Superman, a suicidal comic who gets inescapably entangled in this hellish web. Taking on the lead role as well as the writing and directing credits, Yilmaz Erdogan brings lives from the fringes to the screen with the help of a talented supporting cast. Turkish with English Subtitles Directed by Yilmaz Erdogan, 2005 (106 min)

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