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Cinelatte presents: Curundu

105 Link Hall

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Kenneth lives in Curundu, one of Panama City’s more dangerous districts. He is the neighborhood's photographer and documents the everyday life of the area he loves. He is a local celebrity and by his side the viewer is presented with new spaces and special human beings placed in difficult circumstances. Kenneth is the administrator of Curundu’s collective memory, in a place from where people constantly disappear, shot when gangs fight each other or arrested by the violent police in their raids. A powerful documentary about a people left to themselves, seen through the eyes of someone who really has a personal experience of Panama’s systemic violence. Directed by Ana Endara Misiov (2007) Sponsor: Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs, Co-Sponsor Program on Latin America and the Caribbean, Co-Sponsor Latino-Latin American Studies Program, Co-Sponsor

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