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Moynihan European Research Centers presents: Showcase of Short Films by Eurochannel

060 Eggers Hall

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Skimming Pebbles (2009) 10 minutes Wales Director: Tariq Ali Seventeen year old Ed is asked to look after his grandfather, Lorwerth, who's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Lorwerth is desperate for one last road trip to his childhood home, but refuses to tell Ed why until they arrive. Masks (2009) 13 minutes Montenegro Director: Andro Martinovic From a carnival celebration to a funeral procession of one disguised and, even so, revealed person... Our face is our first mask but is it the last one? Samurai (Samoure, 2005) 26 minutes Greece Director: Theo Papadoulakis A peculiar shepherd living in a village at the mountains of Crete hopes that one day he will become a true samurai. Samoure is a story of being different in a small community and the conflicts this causes. Ararat (Torture de la laisse trop courte, 2010) 13 minutes Armenia Director: Renaud Armanet A man wants to go and breathe the air on Ararat Mountain. Trachoni (2010) 10 minutes Cyprus Director: Nick Kapros A friendship that began in the '70s was torn apart during the events in Cyprus in 1974. Thirty years later, the protagonist is faced with a conflict he himself doesn't understand nor is committed to anymore. Someone Else's Steps (Chujdi Stupki, 2009) 4 minutes Bulgaria Director: Neda Morfova A woman breaks her heel. The cobbler can't fix her shoe at the moment, and she is late, so she convinces him to give her a pair of shoes from the shelf. He warns her that someone else's shoes might take her to someone else's path. The Last Things (2010) 20 minutes Sweden Director: Levan Akin In an instant, everything changes and life as you know it will never be the same again. Everyone keeps telling little Hugo how it is but Hugo is certain that things are not as they seem. He knows that he can't move with his mother and baby sister and leave everything behind, especially not his older brother and best friend Simon.

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